The notion – and business – of self-help emerged in America during the 1920s, as capitalism began to truly reveal its volatile nature. David’s book sculptures reintroduce forgotten ideas that may have seemed like trash to some, but potentially possess the key to an insurmountable fortune. The only thing that separates you from $1,000,000,000 is the text in these books.


The HOPE painting transforms cheap paint into a nearly perfect rendering of the world’s most famous diamond. Originally named after its owner, the Hope Diamond seems to reflect a hope that is patently part of the capitalist – and American – spirit: the yearning for wealth.

The jewel’s iconic image holds an almost religious quality and evokes a lust for power and wanting. When transferred to the ubiquitous billboard of a t-shirt, the rarest diamond of them all becomes a symbol of personal success, imagined into being. 


 - A and Peter Joseph

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